Finding Hobbies & New Interests

I had a moment last week where I realised that I have been working overtime, practicing, trying to reach my primary goal of winning a full time job and that I didn’t really do much else with my time. I mean, I spend time with friends, do the occasional fitness class and chill at home by watching my favourite shows but thats it. I have time but I tend not to use it to have fun and try new things, but rather to make work what I already have going on in my life. I think my 10 year old self would be slightly disappointed in my now 27 year old self – “finally, we have freedom, independence and control and  we spend our time working and sleeping?!!?”

There are so many things that we can do in this world, yet most of us seem so set on concentrating on the “important” aspects (relationships, career and (sometimes) health). What happened to having fun? Trying new sports? New activities? Furthering our education? Finding interests OUTSIDE of where we normally spend our time?

“Hobbies are one of the most potent methods for launching something of meaning and lasting value.”

So as of last week, I have made the decision to try new things, to spice it up a bit. I asked the question to my Facebook friends – Hobbies. What are your favourites? What do you recommend I try? It was amazing, I got a very long lists of sports, outdoor activities, arts & crafts and knowledge expanding activities to try. I made a list and here they are.

– Cycling – Pole Dancing – Yoga (the many types) – Pilates – Indoor Rock Climbing – Dancing – Martial Arts – Racquet Sports – Ice Skating – Rollerblading – Hiking – Orienteering – Geocaching – Skiing – Crochet/ Knitting – Glass Blowing – Collecting – Craft making for home decorating – Cooking – Language Learning – Politics – Volunteering – Blogging – Natural Horn Playing – Massage Course – Singing/Piano Lessons

original_personalised-hobbies-t-shirt  image1

In the spirit of giving everything a go, I will try them all a few times before I decide to make any a permanent addition to my current regime. For your entertainment and for my records, I will also blog about trying out these and anything else that may come to me in the next months!

More suggestions are of course welcome and I hope this can inspire you all to get out there, explore, create new projects and learn new things.

– Jess


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