Hornklasse Konzert

Every semester we are incredibly lucky to be able to showcase our class’ talent over two nights of horn music. Every student has the opportunity to present a work they have prepared during the semester, or for some, has a chance to show how good they are at throwing together a piece last minute (I tended to appear in the latter group…!). The concerts are always a lot of fun, with students from the school coming to show their support as well as the regular concert go-ers. The best part of course is after, when we head out as a class to a pub or restaurant to celebrate! 

Friday night was our first class concert of the semester and went off with a bang! It was one of the longest concerts we have presented since I commenced my studies in Hannover – as we have a lot of students with recitals this semester who wanted the opportunity to perform their works in full (normally we are able to play only one movement of a work). 

Program for the Hornclass concert

I decided to perform a work that I have been preparing for my final recital, Horn Music 1 by Esa-Pekka Salonen. For those of you who don’t recognize the Finnish composer’s name, Salonen is a famous conductor/composer who is currently the Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor for London’s Philharmonia Orchestra and Composer-In-Residence at The New York Philharmonic. He wrote Horn Music 1 while he was still studying – he was originally a horn player. 

My amazing pianist, Aska, with me after the concert

For my first performance of the work, I was relatively happy with how it went! I thought I was able to show my musical ideas through his writing and I enjoyed performing the piece immensely. It was a great experience for me, as now I can see the places that might not go so smoothly in future concerts, and work on them some more.

Everyone in the class played exceptionally, and being a part of a Hornklasse with so many talented and hard-working students really does make me proud. I have to say though, that there were a couple of works that really stood out – whether it was the performers or the music, I felt that they reached something more. I particularly enjoyed the Haydn/Rosetti Double Concerto and the Hindemith Concerto. 

After the concert, we rushed off to Paulaner just in time to make our dinner and drinks reservation. Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal and some very tasty German beer to accompany it!

Celebration meal & drinks at Paulaner

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