Just Classical

As it’s my grandfather’s 80th birthday today, I wanted to dedicate this post to him by sharing a beautiful poem that he wrote for me.

Over the European summer last year, I travelled back to Australia to have a bit of a break and to spend some time with my family. The third week I was back, Mum had managed to escape on her own holiday to Vietnam which unfortunately for her turned into chaos. Fortunately for us, she decided to change her holiday plans by flying my Grandparents, one of my sisters and myself to Bali, Indonesia and meet us there for a small family getaway!

A photo that my sister took when we were on Nusa Lembongan, Bali

We had a wonderful time relaxing by the hotel pool, being spoilt with massages and going off on adventures to nearby islands! On our second night there, my grandfather presented me with a very thoughtful and special gift. A poem. He told me that he had begun writing it around the same time I started to play the Horn (15-16 years ago) and had only recently completed it. A lot of thought and research has gone into these magical words and I want to show my appreciation to him and his work by posting it on my blog.

My grandparents, sister and me just before we flew to Bali

Just Classical

She has played French Horn since she was ten,
though it wasn’t precisely music then.
So she learned to read and play the score,
with skill and poise and so much more.
Now she performs it from the heart
in an interlude with young Mozart.

I like it when she plays for me,
Rachmaninov or Vivaldi.
When the orchestra is running hot
she will give all the heart she’s got.
But she will not Rock and will not Roll,
’cause Classical Music’s claimed her soul.

The Maestro waves and his baton flicks,
with a one-two-three, or a four-five-six
The French Horn croons and Trumpets blow,
while Violins sway with the deep Cello.
With Percussion, Woodwinds, Strings and Brass
a complete ensemble that’s all class.

Then the Overtures and the Symphonies
go floating by like the autumn leaves.
Till the last note fades from the music hall,
with the grand applause and curtain call
but she has no desire to Rock and Roll,
’cause Classical Music’s claimed her soul.

I like the romance of Bellini’s theme
or Tchaikovsky in a Swan Lake dream
When birds of the forrest chirp and sing,
it’s time for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring,
But she won’t play Twist or Rock and Roll,
’cause Classical Music’s claimed her soul.

It would give Rossini’s fans a shock
if the Barber of Seville went rock
Nor would it go down very well,
for the Overture of William Tell.
As the French Horn crooned she confessed,
by Classical Music she’s possessed.

Beethoven, Mahler, Wagner, Brahms
bewitch her with symphonic charms.
Be it Pastoral or Resurrection,
each note played must be perfection.
If you ask her to play Jazz or Blues,
she will shake her head and thus refuse
She won’t Bebop or give you Swing
‘cos Classical Music is her thing.

Creation’s grand arrangement seems,
to portray life, with all its scenes.
Through passages of space and time
in our great universe divine.
It was Haydn’s triumphant work of art
that captured both the soul and heart.
There are many more we did not essay
such as Verdi, Schubert and Bizet.

I can see her now in that far off land
the French Horn fondly held in hand
With the sun aglow in the summer sky
sweet music soars to the clouds on high.
With an artist skill each fingered motion
is played with a passion and devotion
There’s no time for Country Rock and Roll
because it’s Classical Music heart and soul.

For Jessica written by John Hayes 8th July 2016

Thanks Poppy and Happy Birthday 😊


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